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Professor John Beddington will talk about climate change

Sir John Beddington

Thursday 27 May 2010, 7.00PM

Speaker: Professor John Beddington, CMG, FRS, Government Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of Government Office for Science

Climate change is an issue which affects us all. Dealing with it is one of the most momentous challenges facing the world, as our apparently insatiable appetite for energy puts an intolerable burden on the planet. Scientists are working to understand the way the climate is changing and the potential consequences for the human race. To avert catastrophic climate change, they are seeking a new path of concentrating modern energy production into renewable bioenergy resources.

It is against this background that the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor Professor John Beddington will deliver a lecture on the possible effects of climate change and how bioenergy may help to avert an environmental disaster. With a background as an active researcher on sustainable resource management, his lecture will be unmissable for all sides of the climate change debate. 

Location: National Science Learning Centre

Admission: Admission by free ticket only: This event is now fully booked.


Telephone: 01904 432622