• Date and time: Monday 9 March 2015, 6.45pm
  • Location: Ron Cooke Hub auditorium, Heslington East
  • Admission: is by free ticket only. Please book below.

Event details

Research in Focus

Were individuals with autism influential thousands of year ago? perhaps even at the first emergence of human societies in Europe? In this talk and exhibition we consider the potential archaeological evidence for the influence of autism in art and artefacts of ice age Europe. We ask what technological or innovative skills or moral qualities autism might have brought to human societies, and whether someone with autism might even have found life easier 20,000 years BC. 

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception and an opportunity to view an exhibition on the topic. 

Please note the change of date from that originally advertised. 

Dr Penny Spikins, Department of Archaeology and Professor Barry Wright, Department of Health Sciences
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