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Perfect sound forever? Recording and recreating sound

Image of an ear:

Tuesday 28 February 2012, 7.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Jez Wells, Department of Electronics

The Science of Sound lecture series

What are we trying to do we when reproduce sound in our living rooms that has been recorded elsewhere? If digital technology is so marvellous why are there some who still cling to analogue systems? Why have some new formats that claim to offer improved quality failed?  This lecture will explore issues surrounding these questions and invite the audience to come to its own conclusions.

The Science of Sound lectures glimpse into the fascinating world of sound: the discoveries of Pythagoras and the basis of music, how the sounds around us affect our mood, how our hearing system can be tricked and finally we explore what we want from recordings of music and whether we get it.

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Location: Room P/L001, Physics

Admission: Admission is free and open to all

Telephone: 01904 324466