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Victims' Voices from Egypt

Nea’ma Allah Hisham

Friday 19 January 2018, 1.00PM

Speaker(s): Nea’ma Allah Hisham, Centre for Applied Human Rights

Learning from Human Rights Defenders

The human rights situation in Egypt is at a very difficult junction at the moment, but despite this fact, documenting human rights violations hasn’t stopped. Human rights NGOs and human rights defenders are working underground with different strategies to make the voices of the victims heard. They are doing this high-risk work in order to stop violations against people; to preserve their rights for a future transitional justice process; to raise human rights awareness; to prove systematic patterns of violations; and to identify gaps between laws, regulations and the national constitution, and between the actual practice of the regime on the one hand, and between treaties, conventions and regional and international protocols on the other. Nea’ma Allah Hisham will discuss the practice of human rights documentation and bring forward some of the voices of the victims to highlight emblematic cases.

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Location: Room AEW/003, Alcuin East Wing, Alcuin College

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