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POSTPONED - Man, mind and machine: Merging trends in medical engineering

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Thursday 1 March 2018, 7.30PM

Speaker(s): Dr Adar Pelah, Department of Electronic Engineering

POSTPONED - York Society of Engineers Lecture

Innovative devices that measure, monitor, treat and augment our bodies in health and disease appear almost daily, often in the form of “apps” on our phones that are powered by consumer-ready mobile, gaming or sensor technologies. The astonishing medical advances of recent decades have also been fuelled by breakthroughs in human biology, particularly in genomics and molecular biology. Yet a new trend in medicine is now merging biology with engineering, through improved understanding of human cognition and by artificially harnessing narrow aspects of “intelligence” into computer algorithms and devices that solve medical problems.

In this lecture Dr Pelah will present on-going research from his laboratory in the Electronic Engineering Department at York, merging key strands in human science and engineering in the development of a medical system for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of impaired mobility from conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease or osteoarthritis. He will describe how our understanding of the brain’s neural representation of the sensory environment is coupled with gaming technology to measure and treat movement disorders using virtual reality (VR). And he will explain how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) through machine learning may be used to inform a clinical consultant’s diagnosis and treatment plan. The lecture will be illustrated with a live demonstration of the VR and AI capabilities of the system.

Location: Room P/L/002, Physics

Admission: This event is postponed