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“In York the opportunity waits, and all history beckons”: The story behind the founding of the University, 1946-1963

Heslington Hall in the 1950s

Monday 18 November 2013, 6.00PM

Speaker: Dr Katherine Webb, Borthwick Institute for Archives

50th Anniversary Lectures

In mid- 20th century York, a remarkable group of influential citizens, headed by JB Morrell, Oliver Sheldon and Eric Milner-White, pursued a vision for the revival and future of the city. They founded York Civic Trust in 1946, and made the York Festival of 1951 happen. This lecture tells the story of how the idea of a university became part of their vision, and how, over many years,  their determined organisation of academic activity including the opening of the Borthwick Institute in 1953, eventually led to success. Come and find out why the story behind the founding of the University of York is so distinctive and how much we owe to the broad, generous and outward looking ambitions of these men.

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Location: Bowland Auditorium, Berrick Saul Building

Admission: is free and open to all. No ticket required.