• Date and time: Thursday 27 November 2014, 5.30pm
  • Location: Bowland auditorium, Berrick Saul building
  • Admission: is free and open to all. No ticket required.

Event details

History of Art lecture

The Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara is most well-known for his 'date paintings', paintings that display a notation of the month, day, and year in which they were painted; there are over 6000 of them, made all around the world. The 'first' date painting was made on January 4, 1966, and made a decisive break with Kawara's earlier practices as a painter. Kawara attributed the transformation in part to his experience of the Paleolithic painted cave of Altamira (Santander, Spain). The lecture explores this episode, investigating a major suite of drawings Kawara made in 'response' to Altamira. It is an opportune moment: Kawara's career will be the focus of a major retrospective opening at the Guggenheim in New York in the Spring.

Professor Whitney Davis, Berkeley and York