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Electronics and technology in agriculture: The next farming revolution?

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Thursday 5 October 2017, 7.30PM

Speaker(s): Dr Dave Chesmore, Department of Electronics

York Society of Engineers Lecture

Advances in technology, especially electronics, is driving a new revolution in agriculture and horticulure, partly as a response to global challenges such as food shortage, climate changes and increasing population.  This is evident by the various terms appearing in the literature and press including "E-agriculture", "Precision Farming", "Agritech", "Connected Farms", "Internet of Agri-things" and even "the Internet of Tomatoes".

The talk aims to show how electronics is at the heart of technological advances and will cover a range of topics including automatic milking machines, robot weed sprayers, GPS, driverless tractors, automated nitrogen sensing for crop spraying, wireless sensor networks, IoT, satellite and airborne remote sensing, LEDs for crop growth control and pest detection.  It will conclude with a look at future develoments such as fully automated crop growing.

Location: Room P/L001, Physics

Admission: is free and open to all. No booking required.