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Structuring communities for inclusion rather than exclusion

Kevin Timpe, Calvin College, Michigan

Friday 6 October 2017, 6.30PM8pm

Speaker(s): Professor Kevin Timpe, Calvin College, Michigan, USA

Department of Philosophy Open Lecture

One of the biggest difficulties facing individuals with disabilities is exclusion. Particularly since the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and the more recent Equality Act (2010), individuals with disabilities have been afforded increased legal protections in the UK. The requirement of ‘reasonable adjustment’ have helped many with disabilities better access their physical environments. But just because a person is not excluded physically (due to lack of physical access or lack of accessible communication format) doesn’t mean that a community is a welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities. In this talk, Professor Timpe considers some of the ways that communities can, even unintentionally, exclude individuals with a range of disabilities, and how suggest a number of ways that ’social ecology’ can be more conducive to including individuals with a range of disabilities.

Speaker biography 
Kevin Timpe holds the William Harry Jellema Chair in Christian Philosophy at Calvin College, USA. He has written a number of books, including Free Will: Sourcehood and Its Alternatives, Second Edition (2012) and Free Will in Philosophical Theology (2013). He is the editor of, among other books, the The Routledge Companion to Free Will (2017, co-edited with Meghan Griffith and Neil Levy), Free Will and Theism: Connections, Contingencies, and Concerns (2016, co-edited with Dan Speak), and Virtues and Their Vices (2014, co-edited with Craig Boyd). His scholarship focuses on free will, issues in the philosophy of religion, virtue ethics, and most recently the philosophy of disability.

Location: Bowland auditorium, Berrick Saul building

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