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Insults, invective and the unspeakable: Transgressive speech in the Middle Ages

Vicki blud insults

Tuesday 28 November 2017, 6.30PM

Speaker(s): Dr Vicki Blud, Centre for Lifelong Learning

Centre for Lifelong Learning Open Lectures

They say a joke is like a frog: you can take it apart to see how it works but the thing will die in the process. An insult, on the other hand, is more often strengthened by scrutiny. By looking at what is insulting, shocking, controversial, transgressive, we come to know who people are, what they value, what they don't. This talk explores some of the major social, political and cultural conflicts of the late medieval period through contemporary dispute, insult and invective. From where do vicious insults derive their force? And what can we infer from the refusal to name something? When must people say what should not be said?

Location: Room AEW/003, Alcuin East Wing, Alcuin College

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