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How many lives does a doctor save?

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Thursday 9 November 2017, 7.00PM8.15pm

Speaker(s): Dr Greg Lewis, public health doctor

The Philosophy Society and Effective Altruism York lecture

Medicine has a reputation for doing good, but just how much good does a doctor actually do? Greg will be here to explain his surprising conclusion, and why you don't have to be a doctor to save lives.

Come along to find out how you can make the most difference with your career, inside or outside of medicine. There will also be a chance for Q&A with Greg at the end (and snacks, always snacks).

Dr Greg Lewis has been featured in Will Macaskill's book Doing Good Better and in an interview on the careers website 80,000 Hours. 

Location: Room V/045, Vanbrugh College

Admission: is free of charge and open to all. No booking required.