• Date and time: Thursday 13 October 2016, 6.30pm
  • Location: Room P/X/001, Physics
  • Admission: is by free ticket only. Please book below.

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Inequality is fast becoming the defining feature of our time. The decades that have followed the liberalisation of economies in the 1980s have indeed seen huge prosperity delivered across the world, lifting millions out of poverty in China and India. In the west, however, the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' has been rising at an exponentially rapid rate. The global super rich, the infamous 1%, are increasingly taking a greater share of all newly generated wealth. The Great Financial Crisis has only exacerbated this trend. 16 million people in the UK as of 2016 have less than £100 in their bank saving accounts; foodbanks line the streets whilst the top 1% possesses 53% of all wealth. The important question is what, if anything, can be done?

The York Union is delighted to welcome the world-renowned professor Richard Wilkinson, bringing a career's worth of experience to York to answer this very question. A highly respected social epidemiologist, advocate and author, Richard is best known for his groundbreaking book with Kate Pickett, The Spirit Level. The bestselling work famously highlighted how more equal societies have better health and fewer social problems including violence, drug addiction, obesity, mental health and teenage pregnancies. This summer the book was made into an award-winning film, The Divide, nominated for best UK film 2015. 

We hope you will join us for what will be a fascinating and revealing evening with one of the best minds in the UK.

There will be a Q&A session afterwards where you can challenge Richard Wilkinson and his ideas.

To cover the expenses of hosting this event, we have a suggested donation of £2 from students and £4 from members of the public. The York Union is a strictly not-for-profit organisation run by a small group of volunteers.

Professor Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level
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