• Date and time: Tuesday 15 November 2016, 7.00pm
  • Location: Room P/L/001, Physics
  • Admission: is by free ticket only. Please book below.

Event details

Physsoc Lecture

Our last public lecture for the autumn term will be delivered by Professor David Jenkins and will discuss the topic of Nuclear Physics. Below is quick introduction to the lecture so you can arrive brimming with questions!
'Nuclear Physics is a mature field which seeks to gain a detailed understanding of the nucleus of the atom. This talk will look at some of the key challenges and results in this field in recent years but will also explain how nuclear physics can provide important information for astrophysics and fundamental physics such as tests of the standard model. In the second part of the talk, we will move out of the lab and see how the detector technology used in nuclear physics can be of use to society in applications to medicine and homeland security.' - Professor David Jenkins
Professor David Jenkins, Physics
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