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Professor Roddy Vann

Director of Natural Sciences

Roddy Vann began life as a mathematician at Cambridge University but morphed into a physicist before becoming a leading figure in the York Plasma Institute.

Professor Vann is currently working on advances in nuclear fusion that could open up the possibility of a limitless, sustainable energy source.

Science is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary. As a plasma physicist I am currently working with both biologists and electronic engineers on a novel medical imaging project 

Roddy Vann, Director

The Natural Sciences programme will expose you to a new way of doing science. Your final year research project could be undertaken in one of York’s world leading interdisciplinary research centres such as the York Plasma Institute, the York Neuroimaging Centre or the York-JEOL Nanocentre.

The cross-disciplinary skills you will develop will prepare you magnificently for a career in modern science.

As one of the architects of the new Natural Sciences degree, Professor Vann is as passionate about the power of teamwork as he is about the power of fusion when it comes to scientific endeavour.


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Prof. Roddy Vann
Department of Physics
University of York
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Tel: +44 (0)1904 32 2296

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