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Dr Bryce Stewart

Bryce Stewart is an Australian marine ecologist and fisheries biologist whose work has ranged from temperate estuaries to tropical coral reefs and the deep-sea.

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Dr Bryce Stewart

As an undergraduate he studied a wide ranging science degree which led to his interest in marine biology – this broad approach to science is at the heart of the new interdisciplinary Natural Sciences programme.

His work on the life of deep-sea fishes was among the first to demonstrate their extreme longevity, and on coral reefs he provided new evidence for mechanisms of community regulation of prey fish by predators.

Bryce is passionate about promoting the sale and consumption of sustainable seafood by working with everyone from government ministers to fishermen, restaurants and supermarket chains.

Bryce is leader of the 3-year BSc and 4-year MSci Archaeology, Biology, Chemistry and Environment programme.

Beukers-Stewart, Bryce

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