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Dr Aidan Horner

Dr Aidan Horner is a neuroscientist and psychologist who takes a truly interdisciplinary approach to understanding the mind and brain. He studied psychology and cognitive neuroscience at York, completed his PhD at Cambridge, and has held research positions in Germany and the UK. He is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at York, and Pathway Leader for Neuroscience.

The Natural Science Neuroscience programme at York is the course I wish existed when I was an undergraduate. The mix of biology, chemistry, psychology and philosophy is unique to York and ideal for aspiring neuroscientists.  

Dr Aidan Horner

He is fascinated by how we remember. How are we able to re-immerse ourselves in a previous life event? How can we bring to mind all the sights, smells and sounds from an event that happened in our childhood? How and why is this ability impaired in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease? He uses experimental psychology to test human memory and brain imaging to understand how the brain supports memory. He then develops computational models that link between brain and behaviour – how is it that the processes unfolding in the brain produce the behaviour we see?

Aidan has strong links with the York Neuroimaging Centre (YNiC), a world-leading multi-disciplinary research centre at York with state-of- the-art brain imaging facilities. At YNiC, he measures structural and functional aspects of the human brain to reveal what the brain is doing when we try to remember. Your final year project could be undertaken at YNiC, where you would gain first-hand experience of collecting and analysing brain imaging data.

Aidan is the pathway leader of the 3-year BSc and 4-year MSci Neuroscience programme.



Aidan Horner

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