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Interdisciplinary courses: challenging degrees for challenging times

The most exciting research is increasingly taking place at the interfaces between the traditional disciplines, not least since the big global challenges that we face are complex problems that demand mutlifaceted solutions. To embed this trend of being comfortable doing science in different ways is core to the philosophy of the Natural Sciences programmes at York.


Contributing Departments

Our 'interdisciplinary' courses have been designed to focus on areas of particular research and/or teaching strength at York. They each involve studying in multiple departments throughout the programme of study.

The available entry pathways are:

  • Biophysical Science (MSci or BSc): analysing biological systems with tools from modern physics
  • Mathematical Bioscience (MSci or BSc): applying mathematics to predict the dynamics of the natural world
  • Nanoscience (MSci or BSc): studying the very small
  • Neuroscience (MSci or BSc): exploring the brain



Students can apply for a Placement Year.  For more information go to the University's Placement Year webpage.


Request  a copy of our 2019/20 Natural Sciences course booklet


Megan Year 1

"The whole Natural Sciences feel is unbelievably communal, relaxed and happy. The support and interest of the staff (across the University of York) in Natural Sciences makes you feel part of something exciting and progressive. In Nanoscience we are really looking to the future – we’re getting a broad education which teaches us flexible and interdisciplinary working".

Megan, Natural Sciences specialising in Nanoscience