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The York JEOL Nanocentre sponsored by the University of York, JEOL and Yorkshire Forward (the Regional Development Authority) with European Union support, was formally opened in the new building on the York Science Park on 27 April 2007 by Professor Brian Cantor, the Vice Chancellor of the University of York, Richard Gregory OBE, the Chair of Yorkshire Science, and Dr Harada, the President of JEOL.  Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Forward, unveiled a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion.   The total initial investment in the Nanocentre is of the order of £5.5M, including the creation of a number of new academic posts and support staff positions. 


It is widely recognised in the national and international scientific community that the Nanocentre created at York is one of the most successful Nanoscience and Microscopy ‘Nanocentres’ and one of the most productive in the UK in facility utilisation and scientific output, and a model Nanocentre studied internationally.

Gas environment modifications to the double aberration corrected JEOL 2200 (S)TEM have been introduced operations have been demonstrated; uniquely with full microscope functionality and sub-angstrom resolution retained, allowing flexible scheduling of multiple uses of the modified system with gas and in normal modes.    These developments have been a major focus of the Directors’ activities and have also found wider applications in magnetic thin films and in studies in liquids.   

Experimental Officers were recruited for SME industrial outreach on a Boyes/Gai EU/ERDF funded project and internally funded to support aberration corrected microscopy.   These appointments have been a great success.

Utilisation of the tools is now approaching capacity in normal working hours and to meet demand these are being extended to near 24 hour operation, especially of the flagship 2200.

Nanocentre opening. April 2007

From left to right: Prof Brian Cantor (Vice-chancellor of the University of York), Tim Riordan (Yorkshire Forward), Prof Pratibha Gai (Nanocentre), Dr Harada (JEOL Ltd), Richard Gregory (Yorkshire Science)

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