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Dave Malham
Honorary Fellow



Dave Malham's professional interests are in digital audio and related computing systems, post-stereo multidimensional sound projection systems such as Ambisonics, electroacoustic music and recording engineering. He worked in the Department of Music from 1973 to 2012 and was Experimental Officer in the Music Research Centre with special responsibility for the Music Technology Group, which he helped found in 1986.

During the 1980s he was responsible for the hardware and low level software that enabled the Composers Desktop Project computer music system to be realised on Atari ST computers. He developed this into the Audio Design SoundMaestro digital audio editing system. Since then he has been responsible for the design of the Focusrite Blue245 20 bit, the Audio design PB4 18 bit and PB4+ 24bit stereo audio ADCs, as well as the microcontrollers, sensors and RF link technologies for the RIMM project and the hardware for Craig Vear's "Singing, Ringing Buoy" project. He has written a number of VST plugins for Ambisonic processing, the "MRC Stereometer" which implements Bob Katz's K-system metering system as a VST plugin and, with Matt Paradis, the "ambilib" Ambisonic processing library for PD as well as Max/MSP.

His research relates to digital audio, signal preservation, sound spatialisation and recording techniques. He has engineered 18 LPs and CDs and has edited several others. His research topics include advanced sound spatialisation technologies, the applications of spatialisation systems in musical composition and the development of sensing devices for musical performance applications. He has been an Audio Engineering Society member since 1975 and he has a patent, WO02085068, for the Ambisonic Sound Object Format.


Full publications list

  • '3-D acoustic space and its simulation using Ambisonics' to be published in 'Proccesing and perception of spatial quality of sound and music', part of the 'Music and science' collection of Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina, due Summer, 2008 (in Spanish)
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  • Benjamin, E and Malham D.G. ' Introduction To Ambisonics', Tutorial Session plus two demonstrations, AES 121st. Convention, San Francisco, October 2006 (Invited Presentation)
  • "Multichannel Music Production And Presentation With The Ambisonics Method', Multichannel sound reproduction seminar, La Casa della Musica, Parma, October 2006 (Invited Presentation)
  • ‘Cutting the cord - In-circuit programmable microprocessors and RF data links free the performer from cables' Proceedings of ICMC2003, Singapore, October 2003, pp.57-64 Download: Article [pdf]
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