YMPG Colloquium

The York Music Psychology Group meet on a weekly basis in term time in the Music Department at The University of York. These sessions are open to all and include journal club discussions of recently published research, talks given by external, guest speakers from the field and presentations of current research being proposed and conducted by members. A timetable for these events can be found below or for further information on any of the sessions please contact hauke.egermann@york.ac.uk

We also have 

Date (week) Time What Who Where
23.04.19 (2) 15.30 General Meeting Mimi O'Neill D003
30.04.19 (3) 15.45 SYSMUS Planning session Diana Kayser MRC Meeting Room
07.05.19 (4) 15.45  tbc. Dr. Caroline Waddington-Jones MRC Meeting Room
14.05.19 (5) 15.45 Measuring group listening  Mimi O'Neill MRC Meeting Room
(6) Reading week - no meeting
28.05.19 (7) 15.45 Researching musicians' health education in a university setting Dr. Naomi Norton MRC Meeting Room
04.06.19 (8) 15.45  tbc. Anna Detari MRC Meeting Room
11.06.19 (9) 15.45 ICMPC Practise presentations Firat Altun & Diana Kayser MRC Meeting Room
(10) No Meeting