Anna Detari holds her Bachelor and first Master’s degree from flute performance from the Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest and the University of Pecs, Hungary. She took part in masterclasses with Aurele Nicolet, Andras Adorjan and Istvan Matuz. After graduation she worked as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral musician as well as a flute teacher and wind band conductor. She was the member of the Hungarian National Operetta Theatre’s orchestra for four years, and led a successful freelancing career, focusing primarily on contemporary music. She played the first performances of many solo flute and chamber pieces and took part in masterclasses led by Gyorgy Kurtag and Laszlo Sary.

In 2010 she suffered from Musician’s Focal Dystonia (MFD), which made her unable to play her instrument. After four years of experimenting she managed to retrain herself returned to her musical career. Soon she started to help other MFD sufferers to regain their former ability. The experience turned her interest towards music psychology, and she wished to conduct an in-depth research on the condition.

In 2017 she got accepted to the Performance Psychology MSc of the Royal College of Music, which she finished with distinction in 2018. The same year she got accepted as a member of the York Music Psychology Group, and started her Ph.D., focusing on the psychological background of MFD sufferers.

Anna is funded by the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities.‌‌