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Evan Snoswell awarded 2020 Rebekah Wilson Prize for Interactive Music

Posted on 20 August 2020

The Music Department is delighted to announce Evan Snoswell's (Computer Science) entry Ploonk as the inaugural winner of the Rebekah Wilson Prize for Interactive Music. The judging panel would also like to give honourable mention to Lynette Quek (Music) for the submission Laptop Functions.

Lynette Quek

The winner receives £100, and both Evan and Lynette will have the opportunity to meet with composer, performer, and software entrepreneur Rebekah Wilson in autumn term.

The Department would like to thank the judging panel (Tom Collins, Music; Anna Bramwell-Dicks and Jon Hook, TFTI; Jo Iacovides, Computer Science; Jude Brereton, Electronic Engineering) for their time and detailed feedback.

Of Evan's submission, a judge remarked: "A well-designed interface inspired by ideas from Dmitri Tymoczko’s A Geometry of Music. Great to see computer science/coding applied to disseminate 'traditional' music-theoretical concepts". Another wrote: "I really like this simple user interface – it provides a very useful tool for musicians to explore chords, harmony and progression."

Of Lynette's submission, a judge remarked: "I found this composition to be particularly effective in relation to the journey it takes you on as a listener/interactor/ the composition continued and I began to explore the different keys and their functions, the experience gradually built up layers of complexity and introduced new elements that I wanted to experiment with and explore both from the perspective of the soundscapes I could create and also in terms of trying to understand the mapping".

Follow this link to experience part of Lynette's submission (start typing and press return!).

The Rebekah Wilson Prize for Interactive Music will run again in 2021. Details are available from the previous announcement of the prize.

Warning: flashing images and harsh sound