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New release on tmrw> label for Federico Reuben

Posted on 18 May 2020

Federico Reuben has created a innovative work released on floppy disk.

Midlockdown listening is available on the experimental tmrw> label. The piece is generated by an algorithm which infects a computer's hard drive, searching for all the MIDI files, selecting, distorting and recombining fragments, and then performing the result. The 6 hours, 1 minute and 32 seconds realisation from Reuben's hard drive can be heard and downloaded at tmrw>'s bandcamp page.

On the release, Reuben said: "I was asked to do a release on floppy disk by the Berlin-based label, which of course appealed to me so I tried to remember pieces of music that had been released in this format in the past. Then, I thought of Brian Eno’s ground-breaking album Generative Music I, which was released in floppy disk in 1996 and included Eno’s music that was created with SSEYO’s Koan software. This triggered my imagination and led me to create a generative retro-conceptual piece where I examine my deep love for MIDI, hard drives as archives, algorithms infiltrating and transforming files, and listening requiring time and patience."