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Absent Sitters – York Mediale

Posted on 21 October 2020

Intimate online performances of a new work, resulting from a collaboration between Ben Eyes and Jez Wells in the Department of Music and others, are taking place this week as part of York Mediale.

An unsettling portrayal of culture in 2020 and a reflection on what we have missed, Absent Sitters is a digitally-abstracted online audiovisual experience. Be transported from your chair and through your screen to explore the missing performance. In this intimate, shared event, you will be guided by a performer medium to investigate what is a live performance in 2020? Are we live? Can we connect? Who are you?
Ben Eyes has created an immersive surround mix for headphones for the performance based on Elizabeth's work and incorporating sound design software developed by Jez Wells and recently incorporated into a new reverberation tool by Nugen Audio.
Absent Sitters runs from 21-25 October 2020.