PhD Composition student creates sound design for headlining band

Posted on 14 December 2018

A York PhD student has created sound design and live sound production for headliner band Nihiloxica, at Trans Musicales festival.

Ben Eyes, a PhD Composition student from the Department of Music, has created the sound design and live sound production for a headliner band Nihiloxica at Trans Musicales festival which took place on December 8 2018. Nihiloxica are a six-piece Ugandan electronica band consisting of four drummers (bass, small drums and two long drums), a kit drummer and electronics.

Trans Musicales is one of the highlights of the European festival scene with an audience of sixteen thousand over four days of music. The town of Rennes, France becomes a music hub with daytime performances, workshops and talks taking place in venues across the town and the night time events happening in huge venues in an exhibition centre near the airport.

The band had just one day of pre-production before the headlining slot which allowed Ben to design the live sound and lighting designer, Dan Azzopardi, to create a spectacular light show on Hall 9's huge rig.

The sound system in the seven thousand capacity Hall 9 consisted of an L'Acoustics K2 and Kara system with 32 mid tops and 22 subs. Mixing was done on a Soundcraft Vi6 at both Front of House and monitors with the band using in-ear monitoring according to Ben's specifications. The whole system responded very well to the band's mixture of high energy percussion and electronics soaking the crowd in warm analogue bass and acoustic drums. Audience response was fantastic and the band have been booked for a series of festivals next year as a result of the performance.

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