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Studio and performance space enhancements for the new academic year

Posted on 25 August 2017

The Department of Music is investing in new facilities.

After the installation of a Solid State Logic Duality desk in 2016, investment in the Department of Music's recording studios and performance venues has continued with the acquisition of a Mackie DL32r digital mixer and Dante audio network card. The mixer will allow recording over the Department's network from the Jack Lyons and Rymer venues to the Trevor Jones studio. The mixer has 32 input channels and 16 outputs which are all controllable via an iPad interface. It will also allow wireless mixing of concerts and events from a central point in any of the department's venues. Students will be able to use the mixer for both recording projects and live concert applications. Multitrack recordings of performances via the mixer can be streamed direct to disk. Additions to studio software include the Altiverb convolution reverb system and library, and FabFilter processors for use in mixing and mastering.