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New work for Trombone and Piano by PhD Composer Oliver Pickup published by Forton Music

Posted on 9 November 2017

New work is a fusion of neo-classical style and nuances of Phrygian soundworld

Oliver writes:

"Abstraction was written at a time when I was experimenting with modal and non-western harmony and this piece was my escape from that world of composition. While not devoid of elements of modality, Abstraction is a fusion of neo-classical style and the unique nuances of the Phrygian soundworld. The music evokes feelings of unfamiliarity whilst still being rooted in traditional western harmony, which produces a new addition to the trombone repertoire that is both satisfying to perform and to listen to. Abstraction is dedicated to my late grandfather, Bill Pickup, who supported my musical endeavours from a young age."

Abstraction was premiered in 2017 by Heather Curnow (trombone) and Toby Randall-Paley (piano).

Originally from Lancashire, Oliver currently studies Composition at the University of York with Dr John Stringer. His composition and research interests are focused around acoustic spatial music and he is pursuing a PhD by Composition titled “Use of performer placement and sound localisation as a primary compositional device in 21st Century and Avant-Garde spatial acoustic chamber music”. Oliver has also previously studied composition and related context with Professors Ambrose Field, William Brooks, Roger Marsh, and Drs Martin Suckling, Thomas Simaku, Federico Reuben and Chris Leedham. His music has been performed across the world including the U.K, Poland, U.S.A and Australia.

As a performer Oliver plays with popular function band Dysfunktion, Dixieland jazz band Dixin’ Around, and with the Bedlam Brass Quintet.