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Robert Hollingworth features in comic music for Radio 3 'Decameron Nights' series

Posted on 5 December 2014

Anniversary Reader in Music and director of I Fagiolini Robert Hollingworth can be heard every night this week and next on Radio 3 at 10.45pm; Robert is the singing voice (and also whistler and lecher) in the new BBC's series of ten stories from the fourteenth century classic 'The Decameron' by Giovanni Boccaccio.

This Tuscan collection tells the story of a group of nobles fleeing the 1348 outbreak of plague in Florence and telling each other stories to pass the time in their country retreat.

Earthy and often downright bawdy, the music was arranged to order by Hollingworth for countertenor, lute and guitar, and features two twentieth-century-suitable songs sung in Tuscan Italian ("with lingua firmly in guancia" as Robert describes it!)

The series is aptly introduced by Medieval historian and Monty Python member, Terry Jones. There's a full catch-up on Sunday nights at 10pm on Radio 3, on 7 December and 14 December 2014.