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Jonathan Eato's essay published in new limited-edition photo book

Posted on 9 January 2014

Keeping Time is new limited-edition photo book which opens a window on the Cape Town jazz scene of 1964-1974.

The previous hidden archive documents accomplished South African jazz musicians pushing the creative envelope and entertaining appreciative audiences. Many of the musicians Huntley worked with have passed on, and a large number were never afforded the opportunity to record (whilst others remain woefully under-documented). Combined with the loss to exile of yet more key people in the history of jazz in South Africa and the general inaccessibility of records that do exist, this conflation of events and circumstances has left a big dent in our historical understanding and resources. For students, musicians, artists, scholars, and devotees of South African music wishing to engage with the achievements of a generation of South African jazz musicians the newly found accessibility of the Ian Bruce Huntley archive goes a small but invaluable way towards maintaining memory and articulating lost stories.

Keeping Time: 1964-1974 The Photographs and Cape Town Jazz Recordings of Ian Bruce Huntley is available by emailing and at the following cost:

  • From USA: $59.99 + $4.00 postage (P&P to anywhere else worldwide $35.00)
  • From EUROPE: £39.99 + P&P (to UK, £6.70; to EU, £13.50; anywhere else in the world, £24.00)
  • From SOUTH AFRICA: R499.89 + P&P (ordinary parcel service, R45.00.)
  • SADC: R460.00 + P&P R270.00
  • Rest of World (from South Africa): ZAR470.00 + P&P ZAR470.00