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Department students announce Sensorium event

Posted on 3 December 2009

Sensorium is the brainchild of The Link Project (Angie Atmadjaja, Emily Kalies and Judith Ring).

It was created with the intention of showcasing sound and visual works in an innovative way. In doing so, they are providing an opportunity to not only, promising sound artists from the music department of University of York to present their works, but also other mixed media artists across the country.

In January 2010, The Link Project will present Sensorium, a diverse evening of interactive visual and aural installation works designed to ignite and stimulate the senses. Winding paths, pockets of light and video projections confuse and immerse you in a realm of imagination.

The event Sensorium is presenting a three hours performance/installation in which the audience can enter and leave at their own pace to view the different works being presented. The works being showcased are within a wide range of musical genre, from live contemporary music to pure electronic video works. The night also presents a wonderful enigmatic visual art installation from Briony Clarke, a set of 5 books of private and thought provoking conversations between the alter-egos of herself.

Admission: £5, £3 concessionary fee. Licensed bar at the venue.

This event is financially supported by the Music Department Research Committee and York Council.