Research seminar

Wednesday 20 January 2016, 4.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Hauke Egermann (University of York)

From Motion to Emotion: Can Emotional Experience of Music be Described with Movement?

Music is often discussed to be perceived as emotional because it renders expressive movements into audible musical structures. Thus, a valid approach to measure musical emotion could be to assess movement stimulated by music. In two experiments we evaluated the discriminative power of mobile-device generated acceleration data produced by free movement during music listening for the prediction of ratings on of the Geneva Emotion Music Scales (GEMS-9). We extracted two principle components from GEMS ratings, one representing arousal and the other one valence of the experienced feeling. Both qualities, arousal and valence, could be predicted by acceleration data, indicating, that they provide information on the quantity and quality of experience. On the one hand, these findings show how music-evoked movement patterns relate to music-evoked feelings. On the other, they contribute to integrate the field of embodied music cognition into digital music services.

Hauke Egerman is a lecturer in Music Psychology at the University of York

Location: I/D003