Research Seminar

Wednesday 7 October 2015, 4.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Jonathan Eato

Small Choices: an interdisciplinary artistic approach to heritage interpretation and the Internet of Everything.

As part of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) sponsored renovation of Hoxton Hall – a Grade II* listed Victorian music hall in the East End of London – Hannah Bruce and Company were commissioned to devise a new work to run in the newly re-opened building. The brief was to marry the company’s interest in technology-enabled promenade performance work with aspects of the ‘heritage interpretation matrix’ that Hoxton Hall developed as a result of their HLF funding.
Building on their experience of developing the TlotT app as an integral part of various promenade performance works, Hannah Bruce and Company set about asking a series of research questions that would inform the development of the piece A Collection of Small Choices and the associated mobile app SmallChoices.
This seminar will report on the technological and artistic context for SmallChoices, consider the role that sound design and musical composition played as part of an interdisciplinary team, and ask how / if an artist-led project can contribute insights towards the further development of the Internet of Everything.

Jonathan Eato is a composer and saxophone player who has interests in a wide range of contemporary musics, including jazz, improvisation, South African popular music, interdisciplinary performance, and music for dance.

In 2003 Jonathan formed the duo ev2 with Craig Vear to explore various ways of combining contemporary composition, interdisciplinary performance, and improvisation. After a series of collaborations with choreographer Jacky Lansley - Anamule Dance (2007), Guests (2010) and Guest Suites (2012) – Jonathan further developed his interest in interdisciplinary performance environments through work as composer and sound designer for Hannah Bruce and Company with various projects including the site-responsive promenade performance piece The Look of the Thing (2012-13) and site-specific works such as The Claim (2014) for West Yorkshire Playhouse's Transform 14 festival and Cosi-Cosi (2014) for Cape Town's Infecting the City festival.

Jonathan designed the TlotT mobile app for Hannah Bruce and Company, which was developed by Peter Worth and Theo Burt, and is the sound designer and composer for A Collection of Small Choices, which opened to the public on 2 October 2015 at Hoxton Hall.

Location: I/D003