Performance classes

A student group taking part in a performance workshop with a member of Department Ensemble-in-Residence, Quatuor Diotima

All students, teachers and staff are welcome to attend the sessions, which are free. If you have any questions or suggestions for classes you’d like to see happening, please contact Liz Haddon:

Please note, there are ‘vocal’ and ‘instrumental’ sessions, but anyone is free to go to anything – singers are welcome at the instrumental sessions, and instrumentalists welcome at the vocal ones. Some classes take the form of workshops and offer the chance to participate to everyone who turns up (for example, African drumming); others are more like a masterclass and require those wanting to participate as performers to sign up in advance. However, there will be the chance to observe at all sessions – active participation is strongly encouraged, and it’s usually more fun than watching!

Some classes have sign-up sheets for participants to register, particularly those where the leader will work with a certain number of students. These will be available online, sent to students as an email link. Information will be posted on the board at the top of the stairs in the music department main building.

Upcoming classes


Hilary Suckling - duo performance

Hilary will coach three or four duos (instrumentalist and pianist or singer and pianist collaborators).


'Performing with Greater Ease - in Music, Work and Life' - with Julie Parker

Musicians take great care of their instruments, but not always the same care of themselves.


‘Overcoming Anxiety’ led by Laurence Perkins

An introduction to a number of fundamental concepts to help you deal with anxiety, suitable for any singer or instrumentalist.


Bill Brooks - musical theatre/art song

Exploiting the possibilities of vocal coaching focusing on the dramatic potential of a song to enhance the performer's understanding and communication of the musical material, and the audience's reception of the performance.


Alex Ashworth - vocal class: practice

Exploring the topic of practice.


Martin Suckling - string class

Martin will coach three players and their accompanists in this session.


Leon McCawley - piano masterclass

Leon will work with four music students in this session.


Robert Hollingworth - choral conducting

More information will be available in due course

Recent classes

Vanburgh Music informal session

Thursday 16 January 2020

Did you know that there are lots of musicians at the university who you could collaborate with who are not studying music?

Zoë Martlew performance class

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Zoë Martlew will offer coaching to music students.

Performer as creator: creative approaches for the working 21st century musician, keeping music alive and thriving in uncertain times

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Hear more about the work of cellist, composer and cabaret performer Zoë Martlew.

Introduction to musicians’ health and wellness

Tuesday 26 November 2019

An introduction to how musical activities can affect health and wellness.

Tibetan Monks of Tashi Lhunpo Monastery workshop

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Join the monks for a workshop in the use of the chant in traditional prayers.


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