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The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM)

BAPAM is a unique medical charity. Their mission is to enable students and professional performing artists throughout the UK to achieve and maintain optimal health for performing their art and participating in cultural life. They do this through direct provision of health assessments and information to individual performers in clinics and through broader education, training and dissemination of knowledge about best practice in Performing Arts Medicine.

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PAM healthcare specialists in the UK

The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) hosts a directory of Performing Arts Medicine health practitioners and specialists who have received training relating to the needs of performing artists. For more information, see the BAPAM directory.

If you have had any contact with healthcare practitioners who work in York or surrounding areas and who have proven to be helpful when working with musicians, it would be valuable to establish contact with them. If you would like to forward contact details for relevant individuals or organisations, please ask their permission first then contact Dr Naomi Norton with relevant information (


  • Music, health, and wellbeing (MacDonald et al, 2012)
  • Musical excellence: strategies and techniques to enhance performance (Williamon, 2004) 
  • The musician’s body: a maintenance manual for peak performance (Rosset i Llobet, J. and Odam, G., 2007)
  • The psychology of music performance anxiety (Kenny, 2011)
  • Playing (less) hurt: an injury prevention guide for musicians (Horvath, 2010)
  • The biology of musical performance and performance-related injury (Watson, 2009)
  • The athletic musician: a guide to playing without pain (Paull and Harrison, 1997) 
  • The voice: a medical guide for achieving and maintaining a healthy voice (Heman-Ackah et al, 2013)
  • The musician’s way: a guide to practice, performance, and wellness (Klickstein, 2009)
  • Secrets of performing confidence: for musicians, singers, actors and dancers (Evans and Evans, 2013)
  • Singing and teaching singing (Chapman, 2011)
  • The Alexander Technique for musicians (Kleinman and Buckoke, 2013)
  • What every singer needs to know about the body (Malde, Allen and Zeller, 2013) 

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Benefits of music education

  • Music Education Works is an accessible webpage that compiles information about the benefits of music education.