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Musicians’ Health and Wellness (MHW) Group

The Department of Music's Health and Wellness (MHW) Group was formed in the Summer Term of 2019 to celebrate existing achievements, bring together the individuals already working to promote MHW, and identify ways to make the Department an even healthier and safer place to study and work.

The group is chaired by Dr Naomi Norton (MHW Coordinator) and staff, students, and Department instrumental or vocal teachers are all welcome to join (contact Naomi if you are interested in getting involved). Many members of this group are actively involved in research and activities relating to musicians’ health and wellness.


  • Dr Naomi Norton (Musicians’ Health and Wellness Coordinator, Associate Lecturer)
  • Dr Liz Haddon (Senior Lecturer, Course Leader MA Music Education: Instrumental and Vocal Teaching)
  • Dr Richard Powell (Associate Lecturer)
  • Dr Mark Hutchinson (Lecturer, Course Leader MA Music: Piano Studies)
  • Dr Caroline Waddington-Jones (Lecturer, Music Education)
  • Dr Tom Collins (Lecturer, Assistant Professor in Music Technology)
  • Dr Catherine Laws (Lecturer, Performance Supervisors’ Committee)
  • Catherine Duncan (Department Manager)
  • Julie Parker (Alexander Technique Teacher, Life Coach)
  • Hilary Suckling (Department Instrumental Teacher)
  • Edwina Smith (Department Instrumental Teacher)
  • Susan Young (Pathway Leader MA Music: Vocal Studies, Department Vocal Teacher)
  • Emily Crossland (Director of Gamelan Sekar Petak and tutor on the MA and BA Community Music)
  • Harri Morgan-Williams (Concerts, Communications and Facilities Assistant)
  • Susie Duxbury (Digital Marketing Intern)
  • Mimi O’Neill (PhD student and Student Mental Health Representative)
  • Anna Nightingale (UG Wellbeing and Mental Health Representative)
  • Heidi Rae (UG Wellbeing and Mental Health Representative)
  • Matt Hua (UG Wellbeing and Mental Health Representative)
  • Oli Turner (UG Wellbeing and Mental Health Representative)
  • Marianna Cortesi (PhD student and PG Wellbeing and Mental Health Representative)
  • Federico Pendenza (PhD student)
  • Serena Paese (PhD student)
  • Anna Detari (PhD student) 
  • Laura Tempest (Undergraduate student)
  • Laura Tempest (Undergraduate student)
  • Jack Bishop (Undergraduate student)
  • Sophie Powell (Undergraduate student)

If you have ideas for a project that you would like to be initiated or supported by the group, suggestions in terms of content, or notice that something needs updating, please contact Naomi