Musicians' health and wellness

Health and wellness are important for all staff and students. However, it is also vital for musicians to consider how their musical activities may affect them, both physically and mentally. We are dedicated to helping musicians within our Department to develop the skills that are needed to sustain a long, healthy and happy career.

Individuals have the primary responsibility to care for and protect their health and safety, but we strive to help people develop their capability and motivation to be healthy within an environment that promotes healthy practices and cultures. This is an ongoing process, and one that all can be involved in. 

This section of the web page is dedicated to sharing the support and resources that are on offer for musicians studying and working at the University, as well as identifying more general information that is of relevance for the wider international music community. The information here is intended to complement the support, services and resources that the University provides to all of its students and staff.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve health and wellness provision in the Department of Music please get in touch with the Musicians’ Health and Wellness Coordinator Dr Naomi Norton: