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Ana Beard Fernandez

How did you find your way into your current position?

I went straight into freelancing from my degree, my first appointment was at the Royal Opera House on 25th July 2014, and I'm now singing in London having been to Milan for six months to learn Italian.

What are your strongest memories of your time at York?

Memories include two instances whereby I was able to put together performances of original work, the first being Rhapsody on a Windy Night with fellow student Will Ozard and the second being the performance of my solo project in my third year. I found both of these performances extremely fulfilling.

How did York prepare you for your career?

York prepared me for my career both by offering a huge array of study options, that have enhanced my perception of music and music-making, and an environment where there was time and support given to ensembles and groups to develop their work. Particularly for me, my (on-going) involvement with the Chimera Ensemble and the 24 have been instrumental in maturing my voice as a musician and have influenced the direction of my career. I learned how to maintain self-motivation, persistence and determination.

What advice would you have for current students?

I would advise current students to have a concrete job plan/degree lined up for when they finish their course - the last months of term are really scary if you don't have anything, and it's easy to run out of money and get stuck in a dead-end job.

Any further comments?

I’d advise current students to make the most of everything the music course and the University as a whole has to offer - the diverse array of societies and ensembles, Alexander Technique tuition, free language courses and travel opportunities. Constant exposure to so many ideas and cultures has created many wonderful professional opportunities for me.

Ana Beard Fernandez