RMA Study Day – Keeping Time? New Approaches to Temporality

  • Monday 13 June 2016
  • Department of Music, University of York
The study of temporality has been of central importance to music scholarship since the pioneering work of Jonathan Kramer, Edward T. Cone, David Epstein and others. This topic acts as a useful platform for scholars concerned with different historical periods, traditions and genres, to fruitfully exchange ideas and approaches. This study day aims to showcase a broad range of perspectives on issues of temporality, as well as critical responses to the foundations and assumptions of previous work in this field.
The conference is preceded by, ‘Keeping Time: Music, Metronomes, Machines’, an event produced by Dark Inventions at the National Centre for Early Music on 12 June as part of the York Festival of Ideas. Issues of temporality are explored in a rare rendition of György Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes, alongside a performance by Jonathan Sage (clarinet) and Delia Stevens (percussion) of new music exploring issues of time.
9:30–10:00 – Registration and refreshments
10:00–11:30 – Session 1
Wandering through history: distorted temporalities in Zender’s Schubert
Mark Hutchinson, York St John University
Co-ordination of expression in barbershop quartets
Ryan Kirkbride, University of Leeds
The Rossini recital between the Worlds Wars
Roberta Milanaccio, King’s College London
11:30–12:00 – Break
12:00–13:00  – Session 2
Heart of Tones and the Dilation of Time
Murphy McCaleb, York St John University
To be in time: repetition, temporality, and the musical work
Nathan Mercieca, Royal Holloway, University of London
13:00–14:00– Lunch
14:00–15:00 – Keynote
“The Time is Out of Joint”: Multiple Temporalities in the Music of Thomas Adès
Edward Venn, University of Leeds
15:00–15:30– Break
15:30–16:30 – Session 3
Flow and time perception in pieces of extreme duration
Alex Gowan-Webster, University of Sheffield
Temporality in Mahler’s Adagietto
Deirdre Toh, University of Cardiff
16:30–16:45 – Break
16:45–17:15 – Session 4
Perception of brevity in performance – miniatures (lecture-recital)
Jean Beers, King’s College London
18:00 – Informal meal in York (booking not required)
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Enquiries: rmatemporality@gmail.com