Small projects

Every year CModS provides a number of Small Project Grants to aid interdisciplinary work across the humanities and social sciences (and relevant partnerships with other disciplinary configurations) in the modern period. These may be used to organise lectures, workshops, study days, conferences, graduate symposia, and reading groups, or to facilitate less public events where scholars can interact with one another as a means to developing new interdisciplinary research and grant applications.

For more information on projects that have been funded by CModS small project grants, please see below.

Grants awarded in 2018-19

Lead applicant      DepartmentProject

 Lola Boorman   

 English  Modern School Works in Progress Group
 Isabelle Gapp  History of Art 

 The Circumpolar World, 1850-1940: From Scandinavia to North America 

Emilie Morin English 

Histories of Listening

Aurèlia Úbeda Puigdomènech  Women's Studies 

Exhibition of artworks on new meanings of femininity in contemporary secular images of the Virgin Mary


Grants awarded in 2017-18

Lead applicant      DepartmentProject

Laura Blomvall

English and Related Literature Eborakon
Louisa Lee


 History of Art  Looking at Art-Language: Artist’s Magazines and Conceptual Art, 1969-1985

Madeline Potter 

English  The Poetics of Faith: Exploring Belief in Modern and Contemporary Poetry

Jessica Schouela

History of Art Atmospheres
James Williams English

Symposium: New Work on Edward Lear

Kailing Xie/ Joy Ogbemudia Centre for Women's Studies The Real Rubbish Diary project



Grants awarded in 2016-17

Lead applicant      DepartmentProject

Lawrence Black

History What can we learn from the history of social movements?

Madeline Boden 

 History of Art   The Leighton Network

Martha Cattell

History of Art Turner and the Whale symposium

Ilaria Grando, Grace Linden

History of Art ACT UP: Thirty Years Fighting AIDS
Jiyi Ryu History of Art

Reconnecting Dots: Art History and the British Empire

Lotta Schneidemesser English and Related Literature

Bringing Conflict Home

Miles Taylor History

The utopian universities: the new campuses of the 1960s



Grants awarded in 2015-16

Lead applicant      DepartmentProject

Anna Svendsen

English David Jones: Dialogues with the Past, conference July 2016
Emily Moore History of Art Sargentology: New Perspectives on the work of John Singer Sargent, conference April 2016
Margarita-Maria Makri Language and Linguistic Science

ConSOLE XXIV, January 2016

David Huyssen History

Situating the Americas after Global History, study day. 

John Roe English

Anthony Powell Society conference, April 2016



Grants awarded in 2014-15

Lead applicant      DepartmentProject
Karl O'Hanlon


English Eborakon poetry journal
Anna Bonewitz History of Art Disseminating Dress - interdisciplinary two-day conference
David Ellis History

Society for the Promotion of Urban Discussions (SPUD) biannual meeting

Margarita-Maria Makri Language and Linguistic Science

2nd PARLAY (Postgraduate and Academic Researchers in Lingustics at York) conference

Hannah Andrews Theatre, Film and Television

Real Lives on Page, Stage and Screen research colloquium



Grants awarded in 2013-14

Lead applicant      DepartmentProject

Sara Perry

Archaeology Gender and Digital Culture workshop
Anna Bonewitz History of Art Disseminating Dress - interdisciplinary two-day conference
Benjamin Madden English Ordinary/Everyday/Quotidian - international two-day conference
Sebastian Owen English

Holocaust Memorial Day 2014: teaching and learning programme

Tim Lawrence English Conference on Realist film and television after Alan Clarke
Izzy Isgate English The Coming Out Monologues
Norman Yeo Language and Linguistic Science 'Known Unknowns' in the Study of Language - seminar and workshop series
Jo Applin History of Art The London Art World: Mobile, Kinetic and Ephemeral Networks 1960-1980 - conference in November 2013
Mark Hutchinson Music Memory in Post-1980s Music - study day in February 2014




Grants awarded in 2012-13


Lead applicant      DepartmentProject

Sophie Norton      

Archaeology The Reunion: Sustainably Managing the Skills of the Yorkshire Stonemason's Network - stonemasons' workshop at Fountain's Abbey
Anthony Levin English The Holocaust on Film - symposium in November 2012
Catherine Spencer History of Art Silent Spring: Chemical, Biological and Technological Vision(s) of the post-1945 Environment - interdisciplinary postgraduate workshop
Adam Perchard English/Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies

The Eighteenth Century in the Twentieth Century - two-day conference and public engagement event in June 2013

Rafe McGregor Philosophy Contemporary Aesthetic Education in the United Kingdom - workshop in December 2012
Sarah Shaw English What Defines Edwardian Culture? - one day interdisciplinary symposium
Sophie Coulombeau English/Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies Strange Bedfellows: Creativity and analysis in an age of austerity
Nathan Atkinson Language and Linguistic Science PARLAY (Postgraduate Academic Researchers in Linguistics at York) conference in September 2013
Kirstin Donaldson History of Art Representing the Industrial Scene: Lowry in Context c. 1900-1980 - symposium June 2013
Charlotte Drew History of Art Collaborators: The role of collectors, critics and curators in artistic practice c. 1780-1914 - workshop in June 2013
Jonathan Eato Music South African Jazz Cultures: indaba/study day April 2013
Benjamin Poore Theatre, Film and Television Neo-Victorian villainy: The Summerland project - symposium May 2013
Nektarios Rodosthenous Music Narcissus for Juice ensemble -  a new music theatre piece on the theme of first love. 


Grants awarded in 2011-12

Lead applicant      DepartmentProject

Sebastian Owen         

English Postgraduate mini-conference on Cultural Memory Studies
Isabelle Hesse English Contested Histories and Dissonant Heritage: (Post)Colonial Narratives of Conflict - symposium in Summer 2012
Eoin Martin History of Art The Material Culture of Mourning in late-Victorian Britain - one-day interdisciplinary symposium
Sarah Pett English

Living Beyond Theory: publication workshop - workshop to produce a published collection of papers based on the conference held in February 2011

Read a report of the publication workshop on the blog PhD2Published

Michelle Kelly English Reading South Africa: Approaches to South African Literary Culture - public  lecture and roundtable discussion with Professor Dorothy Driver
Lawrence Rainey English Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive - international conference and festival
Mary Luckhurst Theatre, Film and Television Unspeakable Theatre - theatre and human rights conference
Catherine Spencer History of Art CModS postgraduate forum - seminars and annual conference