Centre for Modern Studies Postgraduate Forum

About the forum

About the forum

The Centre for Modern Studies Postgraduate Forum provides a platform for research students working within the modern period to present pieces of work and to share ideas with other students from across the humanities disciplines. Our aim is thus twofold: firstly, we offer opportunities for research students to develop and hone their presentational and discussion skills in an informal atmosphere amongst their peers, and secondly we hope to supplement the interdisciplinary research community based around the Humanities Research Centre. By focusing on the interdisciplinary role of the forum, we hope that a fruitful exchange of ideas and perspectives can be achieved in a manner that disciplinary segregation is simply unable to provide.

The seminar programme for each term will normally consist of five events per term, with the first opened by a keynote academic speaker. The subsequent events consist of two student presentations followed by group discussion. We try to pair speakers together who can present topics of relevance to one another, and thereby to spark a discussion which can draw from the content of both presentations.

If you would like to submit a paper for presentation at one of the forum events, please attach the text document to an email to cmods-pgforum@york.ac.uk. If you do not have a paper ready, but know that you would be interested in presenting something to the forum, or if you would like some experience at chairing a discussion, please feel free to contact us at the above email address.

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Annual symposium

Annual symposium

This year's annual symposium is Transculturation: Encounters in the Modern Period, 1830 - Present

Previous annual symposia

2015-16 The Modern Body, 1830-present

2014-15 Mapping Identities in the Modern World, 1830-present

2013-14 Nature at War

2012-13 Advertising and Consumer Culture

2011-12 Authenticity

2010-11 Watching and Being Watched 

This term's events

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Annual symposium posters

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