Myths and Fairy Tales in Film and Literature post-1900

A two-day international conference 

Friday 25th - Saturday 26th March 2011

Hosted by the Film and Literature Programme of the University of York's Department of English and Related Literature in association with The Centre for Modern Studies

This international conference invites renewed reflection on fundamental, inherited tales as these have found self-reinventing expression in film and literature post-1900. It seeks to interrogate the dramatic, poetic and visual character of culturally core stories (fairy/mythic/classical/religious/Shakespearean etc), the formal operations and cultural force of their variant tellings (and showings) across media and moment, and the ways in which their psychological, social, political and aesthetic functions have been interpreted and employed.

Keynote speakers

  • Professor Marina Warner
  • Professor Ian Christie
  • Dr Diane Purkiss

Conference programme

Myths and fairytales conference programme (PDF  , 368kb)


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Myths and fairytales poster (PDF  , 215kb)