York 1190: Jews and Others in the Wake of Massacre

York 1190: Jews and Others in the Wake of Massacre - Programme

Monday 22 March:in the Huntingdon Room, the King's Manor
10.00 am Registration & coffee
Session 1: Welcome
  • Presentation to Professor R. Barrie Dobson: 'The Jewish Communities of Medieval England'
  • Paul Hyams, Cornell University, ‘Faith, Fealty, Lordship, and Jewish Infideles in Twelfth-Century England’
12.30 Lunch
2.00 pm
Session 2: Political Violence and 1190
  • Hugh Doherty, University of Oxford, ‘The Sheriffs of Yorkshire and the Massacre of 1190’
  • Alan Cooper, Colgate University ‘The Aftermath of 1190: Longbeard’s Uprising in London in 1196’
3.30 Tea & coffee
Session 3: Anti-Semitic Narrative in Anglo-Norman England
  • Emily Rose, Johns Hopkins University, ‘The Origins of the Blood Libel: William of Norwich and the Copycat Cults’
  • Carlee Bradbury, Radford University, ‘Monstrous Contact: the Jew at the Funeral of the Virgin Mary.”
  • Heather Blurton, University of California Santa Barbara, ‘Twelfth-Century Narratives of Ritual Crucifixion Accusations’
  • Lecture: Nicholas Vincent, University of East Anglia, ‘Richard I: The New Titus’
7.30 Conference dinner


Tuesday 23 March: in the Huntingdon Room, the King's Manor
9.00 am
Session 4: Royal Government and the Jews of England
  • Robert Stacey, University of Washington, ‘The Massacres of 1189-90 and the Origins of the Jewish Exchequer, 1186-1226’
  • Robin Mundill, Glenalmond College, Perth, ‘The Legacy of the Archa System after 1216’
10.30 Tea & coffee
Session 5: Christian Perspectives on Conversion and Faith
  • Ruth Nisse, Wesleyan University, ‘Josephus, Jerusalem, and the Martyrs of Medieval England’
  • Matthew Mesley, University of Exeter, ‘Cures and Conversions: The ‘Jewish Pilgrim Topos’ in Thirteenth-Century Miracle Accounts’
  • Helen Birkett, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, ‘Monks, Laybrothers, Jews? British Cistercians and the “Synagogue of Satan” c.1200’
12.30 Lunch
2.00 pm
Session 6: Cross Channel Contexts
  • Ethan Zadoff (CUNY Graduate Center) and Pinchas Roth (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), ‘England and the Talmudic Community of Medieval Europe’
  • Thomas Roche, Archives départementales de la Nièvre, ‘Making Agreements with (or without) Jews in Anglo-Norman Society around 1190’
3.30 Tea & coffee
  • Lecture: Anna Abulafia, University of Cambridge, ‘Notions of Jewish Service in Twelfth and Thirteenth-Century England
5.00 Reception


Wednesday 24 March: in the Hospitium, Museum Gardens
Session 7: York
  • Sarah Rees Jones, University of York, ‘York in the Twelfth Century’
  • Jonathan Clarke, Field Archaeology Specialists, ‘The Archaeology of Clifford’s Tower’
10.30 Tea & coffee
Session 8: Memory and Text
  • Kathy Lavezzo, University of Iowa, ‘The Geography of Antisemitism in Thomas of Monmouth's Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich’
  • Anthony Bale, Birkbeck College, ‘Text, Memory, Event: The Aesthetics of Persecution’
  • Hannah Johnson, University of Pittsburgh, ‘Massacre and Memory: The New Intellectual Politics of Remembering Jewish Martyrdom’


  • Visit to Cliffords’ Tower – led by Jonathan Clarke, Field Archaeology Specialists
12.30 Lunch
  • Jeffrey Cohen, George Washington University, ‘The Future of the Jews of York’
2.30 Tea
  • The Croxton Play of the Sacrament & Stephen Berkhoff’s Ritual in Blood (directed by Elisabeth Dutton, Worcester College, Oxford). This will take place in the Hospitium.