The CMS is home to the Boydell and Brewer imprint, York Medieval Press.

This imprint aims to promote innovative scholarship and fresh criticism in all fields relating to the study of the Middle Ages.

Its particular commitment to interdisciplinary study is informed by the Centre's belief that the future of medieval studies lies in areas in which its major disciplines at once inform and challenge one another. The editorial board is under the aegis of the CMS, and currently comprises: 

  • Professor Peter Biller (Dept. of History):  GENERAL EDITOR
  • Professor Tim Ayers (Dept of History of Art)
  • Professor Emeritus Mark Ormrod (Dept of History)
  • Professor Sarah Rees Jones (Dept of History): Director, Centre for Medieval Studies
  • Professor Jocelyn Wogan-Browne (English Faculty, Fordham University)
  • Dr Henry Bainton (Dept of English and Related Literature)
  • Dr James W Binns (Dept of English and Related Literature)
  • Dr Kenneth P Clarke (Dept of English and Related Literature)
  • Dr Kate F Giles (Dept of Archaeology)
  • Dr Holly James-Maddocks (Dept of English and Related Literature)
  • Dr Harry Munt (Dept of History)
  • Dr Lucy J Sackville (Dept of History)
  • Dr Hanna Vorholt (Dept of History of Art)
  • Consultant on Manuscript Publications:  Professor Linne Mooney (Dept of English and Related Literature)

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