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Old Norse Reading Group

The Old Norse Reading Group would normally meet in a local pub at 5.30pm every other Thursday during term time, Weeks 3, 5, 7, and 9. Open to learners of all levels, it is designed to be a casual addition to the Old Norse modules in the Centre for Medieval Studies and Department of English & Related Literature.


Crowd Norse: The Crowd-Sourcing Old Norse Translation Project

Over the last two summers, Crowd Norse has been working to collaboratively produce complete translations of Old Norse texts, never before published in English, using open-access editions and shared Google Docs. In these days of social distancing, Crowd Norse will resume in place of the usual Old Norse Reading Group. We will pick up where we left off with Bjarkarímur, a late-medieval Icelandic ballad, and alternate this with some (much easier!) saga prose.

Crowd Norse will run from 17:30 every Thursday, via Google Meet. You can join by searching for the meeting code ‘CMS Crowd Norse,’ or by emailing Tim Rowbotham for the link.

All levels of experience welcome.


Old French Reading Group

Please note, details of Virtual Old French are yet to be confirmed.

We cover a wide range of texts and periods and are open to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning or expanding their knowledge of this fascinating language whether a beginner or more experienced student.

For more details, please contact the CMS Office.

Latin Reading Group

The Latin Reading Group focusses primarily on medieval Latin texts, and usually meets on alternate Wednesdays, Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8 on Google Meet. Please email Alicia Maddalena for the room code.


Approaches to Medieval Religion

Approaches to Medieval Religion meets on Mondays at 4.30pm via Zoom.

Run by Annabel Dukes and Emmie Price-Goodfellow. Please contact Emmie for details of how to join the Zoom meeting

Old English Reading Group

The Old English Reading Group "meets" on alternate Thursdays.

Organised by Graham Paterson and designed for interested parties of all abilities, each OERG meeting allows attendees to work through one of Graham’s recent transcriptions of an Old English text, as well as to consider the manuscript context. Printed transcriptions are provided, together with text-specific glossaries, and in addition dictionaries and OE Magic Sheets will be available for use. A suggested translation, with explanatory endnotes, will be distributed at the end of each meeting.

Please email Graham a few days prior to the meeting to receive materials, including a text transcription, and have time to prepare your own translation of the text before the meeting begins.

Global Medieval Texts Reading Group

The Global Medieval Texts Reading Group is not currently running. The group met via Zoom during Summer term 2019/20, and hopes to return in Autumn 2020/21.

For more information, please contact Becca Drake.

Critical Theory For Medievalists

The Critical Theory Reading Group is not currently running. The group met via Zoom during Summer term 2019/20, and hopes to return in Autumn 2020/21.

We aim to increase the confidence of students in understanding and applying critical theories. Each fortnight we discuss the work of a particular theorist, explore what they are arguing, and the ways in which their ideas can help us to understand aspects of medieval culture. 

For more information, please contact Tim Wingard.

Viking Studies Research Group

The Viking Studies Research Group meets on Fridays in Weeks 3, 6, and 9 for discussion of interdisciplinary approaches to Viking-related topics. The meetings this term have taken place via Zoom.

More details can be found on the Department of Archaeology webpages. Interested parties can also contact Alicia Maddalena.