MA Modules

When you take the MA in Medieval Studies here at the Centre, you get to choose from a range of modules drawn from our parent departments, as well taking a compulsory interdisciplinary module.

Please note that the availability of some modules is likely to change on a yearly basis.

How our modules work

Before you arrive at the CMS for your first term, you will select which modules you wish to take for your Autumn and Spring choices. Overall, you take three option modules, and the compulsory Approaches to an Interdisciplinary Methodology Core module. Of your three choices, one must be one of our Interdisciplinary modules, and then you can pick two from our parent departments. The conditions of study dictate that you will write one essay for each option module chosen, and these three essays must be in a different discipline - so choosing modules can take some careful planning! Alongside these modules, you will also take at least two "skills" classes, which could be in a variety of medieval languages or medieval palaeography.

You will take one option module in the Autumn (alongside the Core module), and two in the Spring term. Skills classes will run over the two terms. The Summer term and the Summer vacation will then be taken up with writing your Dissertation.

For example, you could choose England in Europe for your optional Autumn term module, and then Global Middle Ages and Mapping the World for your two Spring term options. This would mean you would write Literature and History of Art essays for your two single-discipline modules, meaning you could write either a History or Archaeology essay for Global Middle Ages. Alongside this, you could choose to take Latin and Palaeography. 

Skills modules available in 2019-20