University of Bergen visit to the CMS, York 7- 8 November 2018

Posted on 21 December 2018

On 7-8 November, the CMS welcomed visitors from the University of Bergen.

Twelve professors, researchers, and business developers joined members of staff from CMS, York Glaziers Trust, York Museums Trust and York Archaeological Trust to talk impact, innovation, and collaborative initiatives.

Over the two-day visit, the group attended presentations from a variety of research projects, as well as visiting York Glaziers Trust and the Humanities Research Centre on Heslington West campus. They also engaged in a roundtable discussion on the Future of Medieval Studies, and how best to involve the public in research and project outcomes.

The projects presented on the Wednesday included Profs Dawn Hadley & Julian Richards talking about the DiNAR Project: Digital Narratives for Archaeology Research, which resulted in a VR Viking camp experience in the Yorkshire Museum from May-Nov 2017, Prof Tom Mcleish outlining the aims, progress, and public events of the ‘Ordered Universe’ project, Prof Sarah Rees Jones and Prof Emeritus Mark Ormrod talking on the latest directions of the  ‘England’s Immigrants 1330-1550’ project, and Dr Jeanne Neuchterlein showcasing the Virtual Modelling and public interface for the ‘St Stephen’s Chapel, Palace of Westminster’ project.

At the Humanities Research Centre, the group also heard from Dr Dee Dyas, Director of the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture on their latest projects.  

On the Thursday, a meeting was hosted at King’s Manor with representatives from York Archaeological Trust and York Museums Trust, and experiences of working-relationships between Universities and external partners were presented from both sides of the relationship.