Rethinking Reform 900-1150: The Languages of Reform

Friday 6 January 2017, 9.00AM to 18:30

Speaker(s): Invited panel of international speakers

Rethinking Reform 900-1150: The Languages of Reform is the theme of the first of four one-day workshops funded by the Leverhulme Trust International Network for the Rethinking Reform 900-1150: Conceptualising Change in Medieval Religious Institutions project.  The now universal label 'reform' is a modern creation going back to c.1800 and one which conceals more than it reveals.  Central to the project is consideration of the question:  How should we conceptualise the programme of institutional changes which swept the Western church 900-1150?

The project, coordinated by the University of Leeds, will host 4 one-da workshops exploring different interconnected themes at sites across Europe (Mainz, Leuven, York and Leeds) and culminates in a 2-day conference at the University of Ghent in 2019.

The Languages of Reform, hosted by the University of York, aims to provoke and inspire thiknig about the subject in a relaxed and welcoming environment.  Presentations from invited medievalists will be followed by regular opportunities fo rdiscussion amongst all participants.

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Location: K/133, King's Manor

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