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Monday 19 June 2017, 9.00AM to 19:00

Speaker(s): interdisciplinary mix of international speakers

The CMS warmly invites all postgraduates (including MA and MSc) from across the Humanities and Social Sciences who have an interest in the medieval period to come to our storytelling conference on Monday 19th - Tuesday 20th June 2017. Storytelling is a fundamentally human activity that bridges the past and present, the local and the international. Stories, whether they were intended to or not, are communicated through many mediums: art, stained glass, buildings, manuscripts and oral accounts. This conference will explore what and how various stories are told through these mediums. Our confirmed panels include:

  • Stories and power
  • Stories and place
  • Telling stories across media
  • Stories and memory
  • Stories, sources and methods
  • Retelling stories

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Location: King's Manor Lecture Theatre, K/133

Admission: £5-£10.