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Medieval Women Revisited

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Thursday 7 July 2016, 4.00PM to 2016/07/09

Speaker(s): CMS Conference in collaboration with Palacký University

Just over 25 years ago the Centre for Medieval Studies of the University of York hosted an international conference entitled 'Medieval Women'.  Since that time the study of medieval women has evolved considerably, though interest in the study of gender and particularly masculinity has raised questions as to how we now relate to and engage with the study of women's lives and experience in the medieval past.

Recent scholarship has moreover returned to some of the questions that were pioneering a quarter of a century ago, particularly in relation to the 'status' of women after the Black Death. By revisiting the theme of medieval women, this conference seeks to explore where scholarship, particularly scholarship first inspired by the 'Women and the Later Medieval World' has taken us. This then is both an exploration and a celebration.

Supported by the Dept of History at Palacký University, the conference is also an opportunity to welcome scholars from Central Europe who a quarter of a century ago saw their world transformed by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Velvet Revolution and the collapse of authoritarian communist regimes.

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Location: Huntingdon Room, King's Manor

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