Interplay between Textual and Visual Imagery in Late Medieval France

Tuesday 17 November 2015, 5.30PM

Speaker(s): Anne D. Hedeman (Kress Foundation, History of Art)

York Medieval Lecture Series

drinks reception from 5:30pm in the KM Refectory

During the late middle ages in France, there was a boom in translations of classical literature and of contemporary Italian writers such as Boccaccio. But such translations of text removed in time and place posed a problem: How could those involved in manuscript production, such as the artists, authors, translators, or book publishers, bridge cultural and chronological divides between ancient Rome, fourteenth-century Italy, and fifteenth-century Paris?  In this lecture Anne D. Hedeman will explore how visual imagery interacted with texts to make the past present to a new French audience.

Location: K/133

Admission: All Welcome